Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nao : new C# library with event subscription

One week ago I began a new project with Nao.

But first, if you are not a Nao developer, let me introduce how Nao dev works. The robot is fully programmable both in C++ and Python, using a documented API shipped by Aldebaran (the Nao's manufacturer). Applications done with these 2 languages can be directly embed on the robot, in order to get a real autonomous behavior. The API has a long list of classes with methods and events.

In addition, some other languages are supported: Java and C#. But these languages are "remoted". It means that applications you make with these languages can't be embbed on Nao and must run remotely on an other device (typically a computer). More surprisely, the libraries for Java and C# doesn't support event subscription.

So I decided to write my own library in C# allowing to code with full Nao API, including event subscription. And because the result today is quite good, I decided to release a short video demo:

For Nao registered developers, the project page is available here : Remote C#.

Bonus : the library fits well inside Unity3D project.


  1. Hi I searched for the library and can't find it. Any direct link?

  2. Thank you for your interest.

    The project is not up-to-date. I don't even know if it could work on actual Nao's system.

    But you can try, it could work because I used the Nao's low API in Python. I can send you the source project. Email me if you want: flash dot cedric at Google mail service

    1. Thanks a lot for your response.An Email was sent to you.