Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Maze generation in 3D

An example of maze generation in 3D. Click on "explore 3D" to build a maze and then navigate inside by pushing the arrows of your keyboard :

The maze generation algorithm is the same I previously illustrated on the blog. Then I use the cells informations (full or empty) in order to build the relevant 3D world.

I have 5 pre-built 3D meshes (done in 3D Studio Max) :

For each cell of the map, I analyse the neighborhood and choose the relevant mesh to apply. The meshes are obsiouvsly designed in order to fit perfectly when duplicated side by side. It gives us the illusion that the meshes are merged as a whole.

At last, some physics are used. I use Box2D for the walls and "player" simulation. I did this choice because Box2D is very powerful, allowing me to easily add new physic features in the future.


  1. Do you have your NeoMote program already finished?, i am a Neo Owner, and i am very interested in the program.