Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pinball prototype

A new post to show a project I have in my box since many months. Maybe it will be released in the future, but it is not my priority.

So what is the project ? Pinball !

In my youth I enjoyed so much to play real pinball that I had to build an engine for pinball video game. Finally, it is done and I am very satisfied by the physic I obtained, because many tricks you can do with a real pinball can be done here !

Most of the gameplay is implemented: flips, walls, bumpers, gates, targets, bonus multipliers, shake, tilt... even mythic multiball ! But at this point, sounds are ugly, graphics are home made and maybe some bugs are still there.

I invite you to try a game:

Technically, the physic engine is based on WCK. A very good framework because it works on the principle of drag-and-drop building blocks. So by extending the framework, I have now my own blocks for bumpers, walls... allowing me to quickly experiments new playfields.

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