Monday, August 11, 2014

Box2D to Daedalus bridge

Things become interesting. Now Daedalus is equiped with 2 new components to cooperate closely with Box2D.

The first is a simple Box2D-body to Daedalus- object converter. It makes things very easy when you want to generate and update a constrained Delaunay triangulation as a mirror of a Box2D world.

The second is more complex. We can see it as a Box2D body object "drived" by the Daedalus pathfinder. It applies Box2D forces to the object to ensure it closely follows a path and reach a destination. This is the first attempt and many other "driver" must be created now according to the nature of the entities we want to simulate (a pedestrian, a car, a spaceship, a robot...).

I hope you will enjoy the demo:

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