Monday, February 9, 2015

Guns !

I just upgraded my previous playable dungeon map generator demo with 6 new weapons ! I hope you will like them. You can go directly at the bottom of the article to play the demo.

Here is the complete list of weapons:

1. Energy gun
Very basic weapon. Given for free, it has infinte ammos.

2.  Shotgun
Very popular since Doom, the shotgun disperses a range of high-damage bullets.

3. Machine gun
It quicktly throws an accurate line of bullets.

4. Plasma gun
Faster and stronger version of the energy gun.

5. Rocket gun
The rockets are slow but accurate and the explosions are devastating. Do not use near the walls !

6. Flame thrower
Short range but pass through flock of enemys.

7. Multi-shots energy gun
Upgrade of the energy gun. It throws a range of 5 balls.

8. Chain gun
High-speed frequency and rotating barrel. Devastating.

9. Megablaster
A large and continuous blast of energy ! But it takes some time to charge...

10. Laser
Continuous and accurate ray of energy.

11. Tinyrocket gun
Hybridization between a chain gun and a rocket gun ! Definitely my favorite.

You can experiment the result below. Generate a map (with custom parameters or randomly) and then click  the "play it" button. You can directly catch the 11 weapons. Additionally, you can run by pushing quickly the UP key 2 times and dodge with LEFT or RIGHT keys quickly 2 times.

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