Friday, September 12, 2014

Introducing Daedalus Lib

Project on GitHub

Daedalus is a library I develop. It manages 2D environment modeling and pathfinding. I really hope this library will help designers and developers to invent new gameplays.

When I began to code Daedalus, I had many ideas in mind:

1- focus on 2D
2- fastness and accuracy
3- simplicity of use

1- Why focus only on 2D and not on 3D ? Because constraining to 2D allows to gain simplicity and efficiency. Many great games today are still based on 2D engines involving 2D mechanics, 2D physics and 2D display ; so I hope Daedalus will find his place as a new component for new 2D projects.

2- Fastness and accuracy are reached by using among the best techniques available in the fields of computational geometry : quad-edge structure and fully dynamic Delaunay triangulation. Daedalus algorithms are based on many research publications, among them:

Fully Dynamic Constrained Delaunay Triangulation by Kallmann, Bieri and Thalmann
An improved incremental algorithm for constructing... by Anglada
Efficient Triangulation-Based Pathfinding by Jon Demyen

3- For simplicity, I assumed that the library should work without any pre-generated data. Everything should work in real time : obstacles insertion/motion/deletion and path generation. Also I assumed that the library should be fault tolerant to designer/developer mistakes : obstacles can overlap and can be of any shape : open, convex, concave... At last, the path generation manages non-null size objects in order to avoid any obstacle collision.

Now the basics are exposed, I can show you some demos :

Today Daedalus is coded in Actionscript. But because the library has no dependancies from any other library (I wrote the whole mathematics), it can easily and quickly be translated in any other language. The project is not open-source at this moment, so not available for free download. I plan to use it in some new projects before release it in the open world.

So I am now looking for some collaboration. If you feel interested by Daedalus for your game engine, for a commercial game project or any other application, you can contact me directly at flash dot cedric at google mail service.


  1. Thank-you for converting research publication concepts into real-world code! This is going to help the AS3 and game dev community a lot.
    Now I just need to figure out how to turn this into a Flappy Bird trainer ;)

  2. Thank you, great lib!
    Have you any stress test for performance testing ?

    1. Actually not. But can be done easily. I think the lib has pretty good performances for Actionscript3 implementation. Look the demos videos I have posted on Youtube, you will see triangulations updates and pathfinding requests in real time (30fps).

  3. Wow, this looks amazing. I'm working on an idea for a game and this might encourage me to implement stuff like that.
    Thanks for sharing! I will give you feedback if I will ever utilize it!